1. Applying Borders to a quilt

In order to make the quilting process easier whether you are doing it yourself, or taking it to a longarm quilter, your borders should lay flat and straight. The following video will show you how to apply borders to your quilt so that you can achieve a straight and flat quilt.

2. Joining the ends in a binding

Joining the ends when adding binding to a quilt can be frustrating and complicated. However, this video will show you how to easily join these ends perfectly every time!

3. Piecing Batting together

I often have batting scraps that I want to use up especially for smaller quilts but may still not be the right size. The following video will show you how to piece batting together to make a larger piece that will lay flat and feel as though there is no seam in it whatsoever.

4. How to make Half Square Triangles in bulk.

This video shows you how to make half square triangles in bulk easily and quickly with just two fabrics. So many quilt patterns call for this type of patch, so it is helpful to know how to make many of them without stretching the bias side.


6. How to make setting triangles for setting blocks on point

This video shows you how to calculate, cut and sew setting triangles for setting blocks on point. Included is the formula for figuring the size of the square you need to make quarter square triangles for the side setting triangles. Also included is the formula needed to determine the size of squares you need for the corner triangles. All of the triangles are stable with no bias edges on the outside.


5. How to make four patches in bulk

This video show you how to make a simple 4-patch block. It demonstrates how to make several out of the two same fabrics and how to press to get a flat block


6. Adding hanging tabs on a small quilted wallhanging

This video shows you how to add hanging tabs to a small wallhanging that can be folded up to be seen using a decorative rod to hang the quilt. Or you may choose to tack the tabs down and run a dowel slightly shorter than the width of the quilt through them to have them hidden.