Quilting Samples


Azteca is a consistent meander with straight lines and corners. I occasionally throw in a curve or half circle. It reminds me of southwest native designs. It can be done at a variety of scales. Small for background filler, or large for an all over edge to edge design.

Bamboo with leaves

This is a beautiful design for those asian quilts, especially if there is a lot of blank negative space. All is done free motion, hand guided, so it can fit in the space that's needed and no two look alike!

Border designs 1

Many all over edge to edge designs can be strung out in a straight line to use on borders. Here are a few examples of designs as a border:

Garlic and Onions


Large leaves on alternating vine

Leaves with alternating swirls

Border designs 2

More border designs:

Fern Vine

Cabbage leaves

Three-point flower

Sea Wave


Border designs 3

More border designs:

Half palm leaves

Alternating swirls


Border designs 4

More border designs:

Chubby leaves with swirls

Multi-spiked swirl

Border designs 5

More border designs:

Fern limited vine

Heart leaves on vine

Border designs 6

More leaf borders:

Thin leaf border for small borders

Chubby leaves with tendril on vine

Border designs 7

More border designs:

Springs loose

Springs tight

Border designs 8

More border designs:


Fern for thin border