Binding Services

I will also add the binding to your quilt if desired. That way you will received a completely finished quilt when you pick it up!

I offer several different ways to do the binding:

1. Make the strips* and apply to the front only. (You will fold over and do the hand work on the back)

2. Make the strips* and apply to the back and finish on the front by machine.

3. Make the strips* and apply to front and I finish the handwork on the back.

  *If you make the strips yourself, I will discount the price for each of the above.

To Make Strips:

1. Cut the strips at 2 1/2 inches. Sew them together on a 45 degree bias seam. Press open the seam. Press lengthwise in half wrong sides together. Measure the perimeter of the quilt and add 6-10 inches to insure your continous strip is long enough to turn the corners and join the ends.